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Valcrum, LLC started in September 2018. As being end users ourselves with over 12 years in freight forwarding and 5 years as a trailer repair businessmen, we saw a constant need for a more reliable, durable threaded hub cap for gooseneck trailers. As a trailer repair business man, we hear complaints daily from owner/operators, how their plastic caps have broken, or fallen off. How they received citations from DOT, or how DOT grounded their equipment till the hub caps have been replaced, causing downtime and money. Even more so, we receive daily request from our fellow freight forwarders and trailer repair customers to be given the option of converting their axle oil bath hubs to grease packed hubs.

The solution was to team up and design/manufacture a more reliable product that satisfies the every day owner/operator. And that’s exactly what we did. We developed Universal Threaded Hub Caps from aluminum that are more durable and reliable than the supplied plastic hub caps that come standard on today’s trailers. Our Aluminum casted hub caps are available for all axles ranging from 6K to 16K axles. All Universal Threaded Hub Caps come with a Zerk fitting port for those who wish to convert their oil bath hubs to grease packed hubs. But we didn’t stop there, we saw a need to improve the standard vent plug. Our new improved Magnetic Vent Plug (patent pending) allows you to vent around a magnet and through the axis of a plug while trapping metallic debris keeping your hub free from foreign substances that can cause bearing failure.

We realized that there was still one more thing missing and that was a lock mechanism that prevents the Universal Threaded Hub Caps from backing off and unthreading while traveling down the road. So we designed Universal Lock Collars (patent pending) that will work on all standard hub caps. Universal Lock Collars were designed to lock hub caps on to hubs to help prevent losing or damaging hub caps. A little investment that goes a long way keeping you on the road with less down time.

We are very excited about our new products that shine light to the trailer hub cap market.

For more information, please email sales@valcrum.com or call 281-407-0603.