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Introducing Suribrum™ by VALCRUM

Discover the future of trailer management with Suribrum – the cutting-edge PCB device that empowers you with unparalleled insights and control over your trailer’s health and functionality.

Suribrum is not just a device; it’s your trailer’s personal diagnostician. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it dives deep into your trailer’s systems, constantly monitoring and analyzing its health parameters. From Electrical wiring and lighting to axle maintenance and real time alerts, Suribrum leaves no stone unturned, ensuring your trailer is always ready for the journey ahead.

Gone are the days of manual checks and guesswork. With the Suribrum mobile app, you hold the power to interact with your trailer like never before. Effortlessly connect your smartphone to Suribrum via Bluetooth, and instantly access real-time data and insights. The user-friendly interface displays comprehensive diagnostics in an easy-to-understand manner, transforming complex technical information into actionable insights.

Suribrum doesn’t just stop at diagnosis – it’s a tool for total trailer empowerment. Through the app, you can remotely activate and control various trailer functions. Need to adjust air suspension ride height, No problem. Want to remotely engage brakes from the cab to prevent a rollaway during loading? Done.  With Suribrum, you’re in command, no matter where you are.

Safety is paramount, and Suribrum takes it to heart. By providing real-time alerts for potential issues, such as abnormal pressure declines, low battery warning, Suribrum ensures you’re always informed about your trailer’s status. This proactive approach enhances both your safety and the reliability of your trailer, preventing potential breakdowns and minimizing downtime.

Suribrum is designed with simplicity in mind. Its compact, weather-resistant build ensures easy installation on any trailer type. The app’s intuitive interface means you don’t need to be a tech expert to harness its power. Whether you’re a fleet manager overseeing multiple trailers or a solo traveler on a cross-country adventure, Suribrum fits seamlessly into your routine with plug-and-play US Car connections.

Step into the future of trailer management with Suribrum. Embrace the convenience of real-time diagnostics and remote functionality control. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a new level of confidence on the road. Elevate your trailer experience with Suribrum – where intelligence meets empowerment.